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Extraordinary Prosperity / Harmony in Times of Financial Crisis
Vaporize your old conditioning around money and the lack mentality caused by todays economic environment.

The Core Dynamics of Common Problems
Liberate yourself from the powerful influences of your early childhood conditioning.

Piece of Mind / Tranquility
Increase your inner calm, your ability to focus and get things done.  Also for ADD & ADHD.

Staying " In the Zone"
Being on top of your game every day.  (Focus training for athletes).

Vaporize Your Anxiety
Take two days to release stress and anxiety from your life and move forward centered, solid and free.

Business Mastery Workshop
Increase focus, eliminate self sabatoging behavior, clarify your goals and step into a successful and abundant future.

Womens Retreat
Relax, renew, rejuvenate and release stress and overwheim.

Playing & Winning the Game You're Built For---life / health / business / relationships / etc.  Bring any topic and share two days playing an extraordinary game that's fun, builds teamwork and helps you to play your game with your rules.  Design the game of your life so that it fits you like a glove.

Post Traumatic Stress ~ ~ Trauma Resolution

We offer group and individual  programs for post traumatic stress and trauma resolution.
We are also offering training for Trauma Resolution Specialists in conjunction with Great Life Technologies.

Custom Designed Workshops
We would be glad to arrange a workshop for your group that is taylored to your groups specific goals.
Minimum group size - 6
Maximum size - 50

Our events range in length from the one to three days. Upgrade Your Life in a Day is our only one day workshop.
Most are two days, and the Core Dynamics of Common Problems workshop is a three day event.
Zone sports  is an ongoing program that begins as a one day workshop and continues for several weeks.

We use the wavemaker technology in the Prosperity, Core Dynamics and Zone Sports workshops so we keep the group size between 6 &16.
Upgrade Your Life in a Day
Treat yourself to an amazing day that is filled with a sample of our various programs.

Many of our programs are offered as retreats at Cape San Blas, Florida.  We also design group programs and retreats specific to your group's needs. Our retreats are relaxing, soothing and very memorable.  Food and lodging prices are included so you'll find them to be surprisingly affordable.