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Jerry graduated from the University of Georgia and was a special education teacher in Hall County Georgia for twenty years.  After experiencing the tremendous benefit that a new technology had on his son’s ADD and ADHD symptoms, Jerry along with his wife Jeannie, began studying with Tom Stone, the founder of Great Life Technologies and creator of this technology.   They have had remarkable results with hundreds of adults and children helping them to increase focus, reduce anxiety and stress and have more productive lives.  Jerry not only works with children and adults with ADD and ADHD type symptoms, but is also a life coach and trauma resolution specialist.  He works with veterans and others  suffering from post traumatic stress.

Jeannie graduated from Florida State University with a degree in psychology and spent sixteen years training and coaching financial services representatives.  She currently trains coaches for Great Life Technologies.   Jeannie is also a trauma resolution specialist, a corporate coach and has worked extensively with children and adults with ADD and ADHD.