Human Software Engineering & Trauma Resolution Training

At Balanced Life Concepts our goal is to have many people trained in the emerging field of human software engineering and trauma resolution.  We are pleased to be working with the founder of this new field, Tom Stone, and his company, Great Life Technologies.

Great Life Technologies has been successfully helping people overcome their emotional traumas such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression for years.
They are launching a new program called “Heal the Invisible Wounds of War". This program helps to quickly and thoroughly resolve our returning war veteran's trauma so that they can successfully transition back into a healthy
and happy civilian life.

In conjunction with Great Life Technologies we are currently training "Human Software Engineers" or "Trauma Resolution Specialists" to work with GLT in helping our veterans. Our joint goal is to have vets helping vets to resolve this debilitating trauma. The Trauma Resolution Specialists will also be working with victims of violent crimes, abuse, and natural disasters.

To learn more about this exciting new field visit and see New Careers Human Software Engineers PTSD Specialty.
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Click the You Tube link to see a video of Tom Stone working with veterans with PTSD.
Heal the Invisible
Wounds of War