Dear Jeannie and Jerry,
I just wanted to let you know about some of the wonderful changes that I have experienced since you worked with me in November of 2008.  I am now able to focus and complete projects, and I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.  I am also now much more organized in completing tasks and projects on a daily basis.
The test anxiety I had been feeling is also gone, and I am no longer caught up in the emotion of feeling like a failure because I haven’t passed a test.  It’s just not that important anymore, and I am able to put things in perspective.
I am so glad to have been able to have this experience. 
Thank you,
Betty Ann Duff

Dear Jeannie & Jerry:

I do not know how to begin this letter. First, let me tell you that detecting my TB Miasm has been a wonderful breakthrough for me and my entire family.

I was diagnosed at age 5 with hyperactivity and placed on medication. I am creative, artistic, and free spirited person, and hold multiple advanced degrees. My problem has never been the ability to learn or achieve, but the inability to do it in a normal fashion. In my life, I have felt like I was running a marathon, to balance, home life, school life and church life. It has been a long, long, run. One of the key insights to hyperactive children is the short attention span. I raced through things simply to retain my focus, and never enjoyed many of my favorite activities because of being in a constant state of rush. I have also had to deal with another common characteristic of hyperactivity; and that is boredom. I get bored very easily, so it is now, in retrospect, easy to understand why I was constantly doing something to stay busy and keep my racing mind engaged.

My first marriage was at a young age to escape to somewhere, anywhere, thinking that would be the answer to a happy life. I could not have been more wrong. I ended up becoming the victim to 10 years of spousal abuse and having a new diagnosis of PTSD to deal with. I have had counseling, therapy, and numerous medications, none of which were ever effective. I was living a life that I thought everyone else was living.

After you discovered my TB Miasm and worked with me, I did not think much about it at first.  My husband on the other hand began to notice within a week that something was very different about me, but I never told him that you and I had done the therapy or had even discussed it. One of the first things that he noticed was our sex lives improved dramatically, and I was more relaxed. Then he noticed that my pace was more deliberate and focused. I was able to read several books at a sitting and above all I was not complaining of boredom anymore. I stopped trying to multi task everything and began to say no to several things. I was off the treadmill and walking through the grass.

He never mentioned anything until we had several stressors come at us when we came home from vacation. These included; the house being hit by lightning ; the cruise line losing all our luggage; the bank mistakenly cut off our debit card because we had left the country; and last but not least, everything electronic in our house had to be replaced, including the computer that crashed. In years past, even one of these would have driven me to tears, must less all of these on the same day.

I was in control and told him since no one was dying we would work through it. That is when my husband was a believer, and when he began to tell me what he was seeing every day. When we started talking together, and he began to enlighten me on what he was observing, I began to realize that I was changed and I was living differently. The difference has been transforming.

I now look forward to every day and give thanks to God for being alive. I enjoy every day, and I enjoy everything. I take time to appreciate all the small things, and I take time to live every day. I know this sounds so simple, but to me my life was extremely complex. My life has been so complex for so long that I never knew a breakthrough like this was even possible. My whole world has turned around a full 180 degrees.  My life is now worth living, every minute of every day.

I wanted to thank you and Jerry for offering to test me, and helping me to understand what was going on inside of my body. Because of your help and this technology, I have been given a new life. I never knew that I could experience such a wonderful peace and calm in my life.

My biggest fear was that this would wear off.  You were right; it doesn't. Just so you know, I received a call on June 23rd that my sister had a severe heart attack. I listened carefully and immediately decided that there was nothing I could do at the time to help the situation, so I calmly handed the phone to my husband and told him we had a family emergency and he needed to deal with it. I never cried or became upset. When he got off the phone, we sat down and I began to calmly talk though my feelings. I have also remained calm to help my niece deal with her feelings through her mother’s illness, and be there to guide her.

I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for me by giving me this new  breakthrough in life.
R.M. Dawkins

Jerry and Jeannie,
I cannot say enough about this technology.  I had always been very averse to taking medications, but after the birth of my second child, I found myself in desperate need of anti-depressants due to severe postpartum depression.  I was nursing my child and I absolutely loathed taking pills every day.  I tried to wean myself several times off of the medication, but found that I was not ready and I still needed the drugs.. When I heard about the Wavemaker, I was very skeptical, but I was willing to try anything to stop taking anti-depressants.  After one treatment, I tried yet again to go off my medication (with my doctor’s approval of course) and I have not taken another anti-depressant since that day.  Another “side effect” was a sense of calm in my mind.  I used to get so overwhelmed when the everyday little things would build up.  I would have stomachaches and nervous “shivering” when I would think about all the things I had to get done.  I also would not be able to sleep at night due to my mind running constantly about all the things that needed to be done.  That feeling is gone.  I just get things done and I don’t worry about it anymore.  The best part is I am actually getting more done now than ever before. Thank you, Jerry and Jeannie. You changed my life.

Wendee Coons

My husband, Brad, and I both come from families where ADHD ran in the family.  Medications, like Ritalin were the norm.  Brad suffered from ADHD since childhood.  He had trouble focusing on one task, became easily overwhelmed with big jobs or things that required multitasking.  He would become hyper-focus on things like television or computers (especially video games) and would very often remain there for hours at a time.  I would get easily overwhelmed and frustrated.  We both had a million thoughts per second and had trouble slowing our brains down long enough to accomplish anything that needed single-minded focus.  Our two boys also had trouble concentrating and had a lot of trouble sitting still. 
In July, I met with Jeannie Penland and learned about this amazing new technology.  I still don’t understand exactly how it works…but, I know it does!!  All four of us have all gone through the Peace of Mind/Tranquility program with Advanced Life Concepts and have had amazing results.  Both Brad and I have noticed that we no longer have a million thoughts per second, and, we both are able to focus and accomplish tasks that had been virtually impossible in the past.  Brad no longer hyper focuses, and neither of us becomes overwhelmed as easily.  Both boys have shown an amazing turn around in their ability to focus on the task at hand, and I no longer feel like I am constantly trying to herd cats in a fish factory.  Our hours doing schoolwork have been reduced greatly, and the frustrations within our family have all but disappeared. 
I thank God for the changes Advanced Life Concepts has brought to our family!

Wonda Coppin

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