Prosperity and Harmony
in Tough Financial Times

Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.
          Sue Patton Thoele

Do you feel that you deserve financial security?

Are you anxious in today's economic environment?

Is financial anxiety interfering with your life?

The topics for this two day workshop include:

*Ridding yourself of money myths
*Allowing yourself to recieve
*Speech habits of prosperity
*Deserving and attracting abundance
*Eliminating the "lack mentality"
*And much more

Our conditioning around money is very deep and goes back to our early childhood. For this reason the Prosperity Workshop is a minimum of two days and is also offered as a retreat.  Using the wavemaker and anxiety resolution technology, we will help you to systematically dismantle your old conditioning and limiting beliefs around money.  Only with the freedom from this insidious conditioning can we truly step into a future of abundance.
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