ADD, ADHD, & Anxiety Solutions

Balanced Life Concepts offers services for improving your life using new technology for effectively finding and eliminating the underlying causes of problems in life.  This new technology is an extraordinary application of the laws of physics that helps to remove barriers to living the life you truly want to live.  Our programs provide a way to eliminate negative habits and the energy of the conditioning that holds these negative habits in place.
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Program formats include private coaching sessions taylored to assist you in achieving your dreams, and group coaching sessions designed to work on common goals within a group.

Private and group sessions and programs are also offered for resolving the post traumatic stress that is commonly experienced by our veterans and active military men and women, victims of abuse, violent crimes, and natural disasters.

For new clients we offer a complimentary introductory session. In this session you will be able to experience the freedom from an obstacle, worry or anxiety that has been standing between you and your dreams.

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